Double barn door systems

double bent strap sliding barn door hardware with soft close canada

Double doors can create a great entrance or  practical space divider, but swing doors can cause traffic flow problems in your house. The swing takes up valuable floor space that could be better used. A contemporary interior sliding barn door slides along the wall, resulting in a seamless transition from room to room, with no doors jutting into your space.

If you entertain, it is nice to be able to shut out the sight of the dining table once dinner is over, without having to clear away all the dishes while your guests await you.  Slide your doors closed, and enjoy your company!

Have a room that is usually open, but that may sometimes be used a guest room? Double doors on sliding barn door hardware mean your space can be wide open most of the time, but your guests can have privacy when they stay

Increase your "wow!" factor with  barn door hardware for your double doors!  It's easy with Viba barn door hardware. Simply order two complete kits in the length that is appropriate for your doors and a track connecting plate.

Why two ? Each kit comes equipped with a soft close mechanism for each end, allowing you to have soft close on opening and closing your door. A kit for each door means you will have soft close in both directions of travel, for both doors. No slamming when they meet! Soft close also allows you to accurately set where your door will close, so the two doors can meet perfectly.

The two tracks are installed butting up against each other. With the track connecting plate in place, they look like one track!

double door bent strap sliding barn door hardware with soft close

A barn door track system represents a versatile world of opportunity for those who love style and design excellence. You can go modern with stainless steel barn door hardware, or keep it classic with traditional black hardware  and wooden barn doors. 

VIBA offers many different styles of barn door hardware, along with a vast array of classic and contemporary interior barn doors that complement your distinct taste and environment, available for purchase directly from  This type of selection is simply not available when buying barn door hardware at big box stores.

 VIBA is a perfect choice for sliding door hardware, and is ideal for use with doors 1 3/8” in width and weighing up to 220 pounds.

The options are endless, whatever your taste! VIBA hardware is your sliding barn door hardware choice in Canada and the United States.