Viba refined rustic custom barn door

The VIBA Refined Rustic barn door 

Intelligent construction allows fashion to withstand daily use.  Flat packed for easy shipping.

Want something different and distinctive to go with your new barn door hardware? Choose the horizontal slat Refined Rustic barn door by Viba.

Rough on one side, smooth on the other, we build this door with the ability to withstand seasonal wood movement (explained below), meaning you get a horizontal door that doesn't grow by an inch over the course of the year.

Every door we build is assembled and inspected before shipping. The door is then disassembled for more cost effective shipping. Our doors are designed to be re-assembled with 4 screws in about 10 minutes.

Wood Movement - Ever wonder why you don't see any regular swing doors with horizontally placed panel pieces? Its simple. Over the course of a year the humidity in your house changes enough for an 84 inch door horizontal panel door to expand and contract up to 1 inch in height.

For a regular door this would mean the door would literally rip itself apart. Not so with a Viba Refined Rustic door. Using Space Ball Technology, our doors expand and contract with the seasons, keeping your doors beautiful for years to come.